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At The Village, our purpose is simple... care about people.


For more than 45 years, we've found our greatest success in simply putting people first and working to leave each day better than how we found it.

The Village Companies is family-owned and encompasses a diverse group of companies in three lines of business: amusement, consumer products and contract manufacturing. Combining each of these market focuses allows us to have a very unique perspective and group of resources to develop innovative solutions, products and experiences that few others can even dream of offering. We are 350+ employees strong, united by our four guiding principles:

To work with people we love and care about.

To create opportunities for the people we love and care about.

To make a difference in the lives of our customers and suppliers.

To run successful businesses so we can give back to the communities we live in and work in.


We are a family of companies whose people are obsessed with a belief that by acting together we can and will achieve greatness.


To attract and win opportunities so significant that they materially impact the lives of our people, our community and our charitable efforts while living our Christian-based values. These opportunities are so powerful that we couldn't even dream of achieving them acting separately.



Our guiding principles are more than just "words" on a wall, they are the filter of all that we do. 

Fun | Innovation | Leadership | Trust | Excellence | Respect



Fun is the catalyst for creativity and it nurtures the human spirit. From Village-wide events to the casual lunch invitation or clever quip in the hallway, collectively we appreciate the simple joy in gathering. The happiness in authentic, "come as you are," fun. The unique appreciation for spending time with the people you work with, not because you have to - but because you genuinely want to.


Innovation happens every day. And ideas can come from anyone or anywhere. At The Village, we shape the future of the industries where we live and play by dreaming up and building game changing products and solutions. We take bets on big ideas, the ones that drive us to act and learn fast as we strive towards excellence.



Leadership is shown through positive example. No matter your title or tenure, we aim to inspire a culture where leaders are born, nurtured, challenged, and celebrated. We are an organization that helps people reach and unlock the best of who they are - finding success as a person, not as a role.  


Trust is the key to successful relationshipsand because people are at the center of what we do - authenticity and trust are core to our company culture. Like each individual personality, every company culture is "unique" and it is the responsibility of every Villager to represent and foster a culture the builds trust, within our walls, with our customers and partners, and beyond.

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Excellence is the baseline standard. Our Villagers are driven by curiosity, optimism, and a penchant for adventure and uncovering what's next. In striving for excellence, we give of ourselves in a way that exceeds all expectations. Together, as a Village, this allows us to go above and beyond - as a company, as a partner, in serving our customers, and in impacting our community.


Respect enriches both people and perspectives. Respect for one another. Respect for oneself. At The Village, we recognize strong teams learn from one another, explore each other's strengths, persevere through challenges, and form meaningful bonds that directly influence productivity and success.

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