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Giving back 20% to our people and our community

Villagers Give 120%

For some companies, charitable giving is an annual due diligence that comes in the form of a check. Here at The Village Companies, it’s a practice that comes from the heart. Now more than ever, we know how important it is to give back - to both the people that we work alongside and the communities where we live, work, and play. This is why 10% of our annual profits are given directly back to our Villagers, who have become more like family, in the form of profit-sharing bonuses.

Supporting Local Charities & Projects

Pledging another 10% of our annual profits to important causes is our way of leading by example and staying true to our Christian values. Beyond monetary donations, we take great pride in giving of our time, talents, and in an expression of gratitude for the many nonprofits that do mission-critical work.

Employee Random Acts of Kindness

In addition to nonprofit organizations The Village supports as a whole, we are proud to recognize and honor the causes most near and dear to our employees. Each month during our all-hands team meeting, we draw five names from our employee pool and make a $500 donation to a local charity of their choice.

Here are just a few programs we’re proud to support:

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