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This is: Eric

Dizzy Chicken…, Boink!...., Pull My Finger…. Did these game names get you to crack a smile? Sometimes it’s tough to have a work meeting or get through a professional conversation about these products and not feel like you’re back in 4th grade talking to your best bud about a cool new toy. My name is Eric Schadrie, and I’ve been working in design and concept management for over 12 years in Bay Tek’s R&D department. I know I’ve grown in my expertise and my skills have expanded, but my maturity level may have gone in the opposite direction ; ).

There are many things Bay Tek and The Village have done right, and there are a few they’ve been exceptional at: creating the best products in their industry, having fun, and bringing you into the family. Since I started here as a designer I’ve felt welcomed by the various teams that coexist throughout the companies. It’s a large group of people and it might be tough to learn everyone’s names, but there’s no doubt that if you’re in a crunch you’ll have people by your side wanting to help out- and maybe share their weekend stories or tell poop jokes (and yes, sometimes they are one in the same! haha). I have 4 kids and a loving wife, so family is important to me, yet when you’re working some long days you want to know the folks you’re working with have your back just the same- and they do here. I have mostly an office job, yet there have been a number of times where we were asked to help out the production line, whether it be counting balls for Quik Drop, crimping wires for Prize Hub, packaging up Axe Masters or building Skee-Ball cabinets. These times give you a little perspective as to how all of the different companies/areas are needed to make The Village successful.

My kids have come to work on many occasions and tested games or played in the game room to try out the new products. It makes me smile when they go to school and brag to their friends… “you know that chicken game?… my Dad builds those games!” Yes, I’ve had a hand in “building” some of these games starting with the very first prototype and it's pretty cool seeing them come to life, and to some extent, become famous. Who wouldn’t be a little proud of that? But more than that, I go into work with a smile on my face, and I think I leave work with a bigger smile on my face and maybe a fun story (or a poop joke) I can share with my family.

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