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This is: Renee

Updated: Feb 27, 2022


I am Renee Day and I am one of the Production Supervisors at Bay Tek Entertainment. My journey with The Village started back in September 2008, with MCL Industries. I started as a production tech for one of the Oshkosh Cells. I had no manufacturing experience, but that wasn’t a problem. The training program in place is great to help you get up and running to where you need to be. I was a production tech up until November 2013, when I became the Cell Lead of the area I worked in. I helped lead my teams while helping others grow, all the while I was growing on my journey too. Then in March 2018, I went a different path and took on the role as Bill of Material Specialist. While I knew the production side of things because of my prior experience this helped me gain the knowledge of the process side of things and I was able to put the two together to make things a little better for both sides.

Co-workers are like family and push you to be the best you can be.

In March 2021, I was given an opportunity and started as Production Supervisor at Bay Tek Entertainment. Even though it was still in The Village Companies it was still a scary move to go from one company to another. In my almost 14 years with The Village Companies, I have grown so much. I feel I started out as a shy 23-year-old that people pushed and helped me to grow and come out of my shell and got me to be who I am today. I love how far I have come in my career. All while on my journey I was able to have the flexibility that allows me to have the perfect work/home balance. And having two kids that are on the go, go, go because of school, sports, and other activities, that’s a must!

The Village Companies is an amazing company to be a part of. Co-workers are like family and push you to be the best you can be, all while knowing everyone's family’s outside of work comes first.

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