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This is: Mark

What a ride it’s been!!!

I started working for The Village nearly 20 years ago for what was Bay Tek Games at the time, however my relationship with the company had started much earlier. Throughout the 90s, I was in sales for an amusement distributor in Wisconsin and Bay Tek was one of my suppliers. Because of Bay Tek’s commitment to having great people, great products, and service that was second to none, it was a pleasure to work with them.

Not to mention, it was a local company whose pride and family values couldn’t be ignored.

Fortunately, in 2003, I had the opportunity to come work for Bay Tek two different times and finally landed a position on the Sales team, working remotely from my home office outside Milwaukee and managing domestic accounts across the country. An easy drive up to Bay Tek is only 2 hours away when needed.

In 2016, I was offered the opportunity to grow and manage our international sales team. The experience of doing what I love and to share The Village story along with Bay Tek’s products all over the world has been a blessing. I’m forever grateful and continue to seek new opportunities when available.

We all work very hard and are responsible to the company goals, our customers and, most importantly, we are responsible to one another. There are many long days/nights, long flights but through it all, we find time to have fun together.

FUN, being our #1 value, is ever present in my job and the in the people I work with throughout The Village. We’ve had a ton of fun in my time here – picnics, parades, trade shows, Christmas parties, all-hands-on-deck workdays, company meetings, customer visits, Halloween events, open houses, cookouts, celebrations, successes – and even in our failures, we try to keep it light and have fun. The list goes on. I’ve even been known to do a cheer at a company meeting or even dress up as a lumberjack for a Village-wide pancake breakfast.

The Village is a great place to find an opportunity to do something you love or challenge yourself to do something different. Why don’t you come and join us?

Mark Lenske, International Sales Manager for Bay Tek Entertainment

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